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The Bozon – Line Ozonator is an innovative ozone generator, focused on a more effective form of ozone application, comfort of use and patient welfare.

The device provides a constant ozone concentration in the mixture regardless of fluctuations in oxygen pressure, voltage or frequency of current, and ambient temperature. The current value of ozone concentration at the outlet of the ozonator is measured and displayed. This allows feedback in the Bozon Line ozonator, which is not found in many other ozonators.

Bozon Line is characterized by high accuracy in the production of additional ozone in mixture. Ozone values ​​in the range from 0.5 mg / l to 10 mg / L can be increased or decreased with an accuracy of 0.1 mg / l. In addition the ozone value in the range from 10 mg / l to 99 mg / l can be increased or decreased with an accuracy of 1 mg / l

This allows the use of the Bozon – Line ozonator in gynecology, surgery, dermatology, cosmetology, oil saturation and other fields of medicine.

In most ozonators, concentrations are measured only by the total unit value, e.g. 4 mg / l, and low ozone concentrations (decimal) 0.5 mg / l ÷ 1.0 mg / l; 1.0 mg / l ÷ 2.0 mg / l etc. in range of value 0.1 mg / l are impossible to use, and therefore in many concentrations it is not possible to accurately set the low concentration

Required values of ozone concentration in gas, gas ozonation time, gas flow velocity are entered and set using the buttons on the front panel of the ozonator.

In the Bozon Line ozonator, the oxygen source for ozone production is a medical oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrator and hospital oxygen installation.

The device has been designed to work in the following conditions:

  • Ambient temperature 18-250С;
  • Air humidity up to 80%;
  • Atmospheric pressure 84-110 kPa;
  • Vibrations at the workplace: frequency from 5 to 25 Hz, amplitude not more than 0.1 mm
  • Supply voltage 230 V, frequency 50 Hz
  • The oxygen pressure at the entrance to the generator is 50-300 kPa (0.5-3 kg / cm2);
  • Oxygen dew point at the entrance to the generator not higher than 0 0С.

Technical specifications of the device:

  • The range of adjustable ozone concentration in gas is from 0.5 mg / l to 99 mg / l.
  • The permissible relative error when setting the ozone concentration in the gas does not exceed -10%
  • The range of set gas flow velocity values ​​at the device outlet is 200 ml / min – 1000 ml / min.
  • The permissible relative error when setting the gas flow rate at the output of the unit does not exceed -10%
  • The range of ozone concentrations in distilled water or in physiological solution is 0.1 mg / l – 30 mg / l.
  • The amount of prepared physiological solution is 200 ml, the amount of distilled water is up to 800 ml
  • Permissible relative error of ozone concentration in water does not exceed ± 10%
  • Generator control and data collection from concentration and flow velocity sensors is carried out by a microcontroller built into the control system.
  • The setting of measuring channels for flow velocity, time and ozone concentration in gas does not exceed 40 seconds.
  • The heating time of the ozonator is no more than 3 minutes. Power consumption does not exceed 150 W
  • The life of the ozone generator is 10,000 hours. The size of the ozonator 290 * 200 * 160 mm
  • The weight of the ozonator is 6.5 kg.

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